Anti-collision System                      Anti-collision System

Maquigruas has begun to market and install modern anti-collision systems for tower cranes. In collaboration with the IED company, we offer: DynACS, a system that dynamically calculates the risk of collision of the load, boom or crane counterjib with another or with the fixed obstacles present in the work, to maximize the area and work efficiency therein. It also lets you restrict access to areas that should not be flying (utility poles, public areas, schools, etc.).

The DynACS consists of several elements that combine to achieve the efficient and safe work area:

Local-Controller allows each crane know in real time as a risk of collision that has cranes with their environment, static objects and the ability to access a no-go area or conditional.
- WIFI communication module that allows the cranes to share information securely and inviolable by the security protocol implemented in the communication. Lets turn, make changes to elements of the crane or the distribution of obstacles without getting on the lift. Optionally may employ a cabling system compatible.
- Digital compass as used in aeronautics, to meet with the utmost precision the position of the pen and counterjib at every moment.
- Rotation and car sensors for position thereof.
- Warning lights and sound to indicate to the operator of the system performance and status.
- Sensorizar Anemometer for wind and act according to its intensity

 The installation and use DynACS dynamic collision avoidance system is fast, simple and inexpensive because it uses only the elements necessary for risk management, not being required display elements or dedicated operators.

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