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TR-0 Donpol TR-0


EPS plates with particles of graphite (Neopor by BASF) subjected to a process of elastification to provide them with acoustic properties (similar to the low density mineral wool), and a low thermal conductivity of 0.033 W/mk., mechanized to medium wood for the rupture of thermal bridges and facilitate its mounting. It is especially recommended for walls, enclosures, medians and ceilings. It comes presented in boxes with an installation kit of gift, which includes special fasteners to avoid acoustic bridges.


  • Measures: 1000mm x1000mm plates.
  • Thickness: from 30 mm up to 60 mm.
  • Other measures, thicknesses and finishes available.


 TR-Impact  TR-Impact

Thermo-acoustic isolation for floors made from our TR-0 in plates of different thicknesses. With all the advantages in terms of thermal insulation (conductivity: 0.033 W/mk) that this entails and the greater insulation capacity to noise impact of the market (thanks to our elastification of the material process) as demonstrated in all tests in laboratory and especially "in situ", it is there in the work site where really must demonstrate the benefits of isolation. With only 1 cm. of this isolation, are amply fulfilled all requirements regarding noise impact of the new Technical Building Code (CTE). That is why it is especially recommended for insulation of floors and floor slabs, as well as for rupture of thermal bridges in edges of slabs and pillars. It is supplied machining with straight edges in a standard manner


  • Measures: 1000mm.x1000mm plates.
  • Thickness: from 10 mm up to 30 mm.
  • Other measures, thicknesses and finishes available.


TR-Strip TR-Strip

Acoustic insulation developed in collaboration with Hispalyt for their Silensis system, consisting of (as its name suggests) 10 mm thick strips of our elasticised TR-0 insulation. The TR-Strips should be placed around the entire perimeter of the brick building to be insulated in such a way that it is completely desolidarised from the structure, preventing acoustic bridges and giving an acoustic improvement of around 10 dB to the final wall. In addition, the application of the TR-Strips prevents the wall from suffering small fissures and cracks due to structural movements of the building.
If the customer so desires, it is possible to sell the product with self-adhesive for an easier, quicker and cleaner installation.

  • Measures: sheets of 1000 mm x 100 mm and 1000 mm x 70 mm.
  • Thickness: 10 mm.
  • Other measures, thicknesses and finishes available.
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