Self-Erecting Crane Self-Erecting CraneSelf-Erecting Crane Self-Erecting Crane

The versatility and speed of assembly of the self-erecting cranes offer important advantages in saving costs and maintenance. As in the Tower Cranes, we offer the possibility of renting or buying machines. Cranes ranging from 20 to 32 meters jib and with loads of up to 1,000 kg at jib end. For all the cranes we can offer different accessories like train wheels or spear of loads.

Contact us for your project in the Contact section and we will advice you without any commitment, about the type of crane that best adapts to your project.

At Maquigrúas s.l. we have specialized in the export of this type of cranes. Repair and paint (optional) are the first steps. Later, optimization of transport in containers 'Open Top' or 'Flat Rack'. And, finally, final advice to the client for the start-up of the machine.

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