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For sale and for rent, we put at your disposal versatile and highly resistant materials.


For the implementation of pillars we have metal formwork of different sections and heights. For the most demanding endings, we commercialize moulds of Polystyrene finish in plastic or wood (more information in the paragraph “Visible Concrete”).


On the walls, the modular formwork that we offer is composed of panels of a variety of dimensions, which it has excellent physical properties, and provides great flexibility and robustness in the execution of the works.
Elements such as profiles, panels of compensation and corners are quickly assembled according to the geometry of the section. Their number and frames placement make the formwork one element more than suitable to perform works involving high pressure of concrete.

 Wall Formwark

Our system for single walls, is quick and easy mounting. Once mounted in sets of turrets, they move through the work with the help of the crane, with the consequent saving of time in the implementation of the walls. But the most important; the system provides a great security with regard to traditional methods of execution of walls on one side.

 Single-side Wall



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